Hey! I just saw someone reblog pictures of you from mephit! I was there as well! Are you from the area?

HA! Sweet!

Im not far! I live in Northern Alabama :D

Do you do requests?

what kind

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Sorry for all these questions but you offered! So I really want a sugar glider and I believe I have the capabilities of taking care of a pair. But my mother says know because she'd have to take care of them and she doesn't want to pay vet bills. What are your thoughts?


Lets see… Hmm… Sugar Gliders I dont believe require a lot of vet visits. You just have to watch them very closely. Make sure they are eating properly and dont show signs of losing fur and such. I think its best to take them every so often for a Fecal test to make sure they are as healthy as they need to be. I think it would be better to google search further on the Vet visiting. I would hate to tell you wrong! I get most of my inormation from the breeder I got my little ones from.

My boys have only gone to the vet to have their nails clipped so far. Also! They dont need any shots! They really are(To me at least) some of the best pets. I WOULD suggest getting any male ones neutered. Males tend to mark a LOT. It would also be best if you have a male/female pair to get the male fixed. I dont think you want to have babies! haha!

I think your mother would REALLY adore them in the end. They are very much worth the time. They are very sweet, curious and loving creatures. Once they are bonded to you… You will be shedding waves of tears. I KNOW I DO.

ALSO… if youre going to purchase one (or two) I highly HIGHLY suggest going to a certified breeder. The people you see at Malls selling them are NOT to be trusted. I have heard their sugars are breed in mills and are also inbred. I have heard of many health issues with these poor babies…

If you really want one I think just assure your mother that you WILL be resonsible. Just be sure yourself before you purchase one! They get attached to their humans and will consider you apart of their colony. Losing you would be very devastating for her/him/them.

I wish you the best of luck ;u;. I hope I was of some help… Sorry I get carried away when it comes to these little bros.

Once you get a baby.. I would love to see a picture of it!

I've heard sugar gliders are loud and keep people up at night with their barking, is that true?

Klondike would bark sometimes at night. It was just his way of trying to get someone to come and be with him. Since Ive gotten Kodiak he hasnt made a peep really :). SOMETIMES they still bark… But not often at all.

If the barking is to bad you can move them to another room. Thats what I used to do.

So what do you feed your sugar gliders? And do they keep you up at night?

I feed my guys frozen vegetables and fruits :). You can buy large bags at wal-mart and they last awhile! I also give them treats like meal worms, yogurt drops, and honey! You can order the yogurt drops and honey sticks off of ebay and the worms you can buy at local pet stores :D.

They also need something called HPW. 


I always make mine and put it into an ice cub tray. Then at night after I cut up their food I pop out two cubes and leave them on top of their fruits and veggies to melt. They lick it up and eat it off their food :D. It smells really nice too! HA!

I can link you to a cheaper website to purchase the HPW if you want. its from the breeder I got my boys from. She is certified and very trustworthy!