Today was 1/3 of the usual rounds I make for the holidays in my Fursuit. I have two more coming Wednesday and Friday but I figured Id go ahead and post the pictures from todays adventures.

For now though. Just this one as its probably the most special!

There is always atleast one person who has the most heart warming reaction and this kind ladies was it. The nurse I walked with told me she was going to love me and refer to me as something santa related or something like that. Something really cute! Because she loves christmas stuff.

So when I go in I notice her husband is there and oh my god… HE LOOKS LIKE SANTA. Be being such a kid I wanted to flip out and hug him but she required my attention the most! Which of course I was happy to give.

She couldnt stop smiling! And she kept giggling and laughing at me! She loved to rub the fur and just couldnt wait to get a hug! When I would make a squeaking sound with my paw she just LOVED it! It was really hard hold back my own laughter.

She told me she loved me and she wanted to keep me LMAO! 

All the people who crack a smile at me make this all worth while. But people like her REALLY keep me going!

Im excited for Wednesday now!

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    Everyone thinks furries are bad people but this proves that they aren’t.
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    I have to say, Slushy, that you have a real talent for making people smile while in fursuit! :3
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