A week ago I was asked by my grandma to come to my great grandmas birthday party with my rainbow suit v u v. Of course.. I was all for it. Ive never worn my Rainbow fursuit to a nursing home so it was fun ;u;. 

its believed great grandma had a stroke or something? Im still unsure. The top photo she is asking if Im one of her grandkids and I nod and shes all “Oh LORD” LMAO. But the she remembers when I bought my grey suit to our family christmas a few years back. She had always asked me to bring my suit to the assisted living she was at (or something like that?) But it never worked out as eveyrone was always busy ahhhh. She told me before I left she still wanted me to come to the assisted living when she gets transfered there but sadly I dont think she will be leaving the nursing home. But I still told her I would come and bring the suit anywhere and anytime,

The second image is just a kind lady who wanted me to visit her :’D. The nurses gave me permission to go and visit other folks.

And the last two images are my cousins I guess? We have such a large family on my dads side Im not sure. I know Im related to them some how XD.



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